The Nace Brothers Band Discography
The Way It's Always Been
Well Traveled Road
Let Me Down Easy
Sometimes It Rains
Sunday Afernoon
Love By Surprise
World We Live In
Daisy Chains
Tore Down With The Blues
Can't Change The Way I Live
Sad Day
"Well Traveled Road"
Released in 2011
Miss Arzetta
The Great Ones Fall
Beautiful Mess
Buffalo River Home
Amazing Grace
Ballad of Lizzie Heard
I Guess
New Highway
Mother of a Man
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Life Goes On
Ridin' The Wind
"The Nace Brothers Band Live and Acoustic"
Recorded live at The Pilgrim Chapel on Sunday, April 27th, 2008
Treat Me Nice
Club 15
Walkin' To My Baby
Goin' Down Slow
Way Out Yonder
Quitcher Bitchin'
Miss Arzetta
No Right Thing
Some Day After While
The Great Ones Fall
Midnight Train
Route 66
Suicide Dawg
Life Goes On
"Lifelong Road Trip"
2 disc DVD set
Includes a live concert from George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR on Friday, August 17th 2007 and a documentary film by Benjamin Meade.
Every Move She Makes
One Step At A Time
Way Out Yonder
Stand By Your Actions
Without A Care In The World
Red Wine And Candlelight
The Great Ones Fall
Sky Blue Moon Shine
Won't Let You Down
Tippin' Point
Sunday Mornin' Blues
Released in June 2005, distributed by Burnside Distribution. Hitting #105 on the AMA chart.
Miss Arzetta
Treat Me Nice
Goin' Down Slow
No Right Thing
Be That Strong
It's Alright
Suicide Dawg
Sista Please
Quitcher Bitchin'
The Ballad of Lizzie Heard
Watch The Sun Rise
"Trouble On The Hill"
Produced by Bentley Ousley, Pragmatic Studio, Kansas City, Missouri and The Nace Brothers Band. Featuring "Watch The Sun Rise" with Ernie and Earl Cate.  Released in 2001.    
Bring Myself to Words
Space in Your Heart
Strung Out
Heart Must be Stone
Those Days are Gone
Real Blind Love
Club 15
She Looked Like the Sun
No Good Woman
"Club 15" 
Also produced by Bentley Ousley, Pragmatic Studio, Kansas City, Missouri and J.L. Jamison, Shrimp Boat Sound, Key West, Florida. The title song "Club 15" was also released in 1993 on a compilation c.d. (Margaritaville Cafe- Late Night Menu) featuring Jimmy Buffett and various artists.
Heartbreak Hall of Fame
You've Got the Blues
Sittin' on a Bar Stool
Turn Around and She'll Be Gone
Uptown City Slicker
Sing Me the Blues
Midnight Train
The Kind You Find Tonight
Thought I Had Love Figured Out
"Roots Of Steel" 
A tribute to our Dad, Johnny Nace and his band leader for thirty years, Joe Green. This c.d. features a collection of songs written and recorded by Dad throughout his career. It also features the last song Johnny ever wrote in June 1990 with his vocal and acoustic guitar taken from his original 4 track demo. Recorded at Station Studios, Warrensburg, Missouri. Mixed and mastered by Bentley Ousley at Pragmatic Studios in Kansas City, Missouri.
Face to Face
Rich Daddy Blues
Still Reachin'
Walkin' the Street
There Comes A Time
Life Goes On
Don't Wanna See You No More
Long Gone
Time Will Tell
All Right Tonight
Rock Bottom
I Guess


"There Comes A Time"
The first c.d. we released. Produced by Bentley Ousley in Kansas City, Missouri and J.L. Jamison in Key West, Florida in 1991.
Rock and Roll Neighborhood
Way Down South
Outa Money Outa Luck
Inspirational Blues
Empty Hearts
Smooth Rockin
Favorite Lady
To Be With You
Ridge Runner
She's Foolin Me
"Smooth Rockin" 
The first album we released. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1982 at Shock House Studios. Produced by Jack Eubanks for Bud Netz Productions. Only a handful still exist.