Merriam, Kansas

September 1996


“Super Group With A Distinct Sound”

By Kenny & Ida Burford


There is not enough space available in this column to use all the superlatives necessary to accurately describe the energy translated in the music of the Nace Brothers Band.  While other bands simply aspire to make music, the Nace Brothers have stepped to a realm that few groups will ever realize.  Their music is as real as the music that came out of Memphis, Austin, Lubbock, Philadelphia, Chicago and Muscle Shoals.  Because of this, they have made the transition from being regionally  based to a nationally recognized group.


Dave and Jimmy Nace were born and raised in Warrensburg, Missouri and come from a musically talented family that can be traced back four generation:  beginning with their great grandfather, Val Nace, a trained classical violinist; then their Grandfather, Percy Nace, bluegrass fiddler, banjo and guitar player; and last, their father, Johnny Nace, who was a successful singer-songwriter who achieved both regional and national success.  Johnny was a great influence on his sons and gave them a sense of their heritage and direction in both their musical careers as well as their personal lives.  They joined their father’s legendary band, The Midnighters, where they developed their talent as musicians and performers, often performing 250 to 300 nights per year.  Both Dave and Jimmy agree that it was under the guidance of their father and his life-long friend and steel guitarist, Joe Green, that they learned the fundamentals of playing professional music.


In 1981, the Nace Brothers struck out on their own with a six-piece band and that configuration gave way to the current line-up.  With their own distinctive sound, which is a combination of county, rock and blues, it simply is impossible to label their music.


Dave Nace said it best, “We used to worry if we were too country, too rock or too heavy on the blues, but it finally came down to – if it feels good, let’s play it.  The music we play just has to have a good feel.”


This four-piece super group features Dave Nace on drums, percussion, lead vocals and as band leader; Jimmy Nace on electric guitar, dobro, harmonica and vocals; Tim Williams on bass guitar and vocals; and Bart Colliver on keyboards, acoustic guitar and vocals.  The group’s credentials include performances with Bo Diddley, Delbert McClinton, The Band, Commander Cody and Jimmy Buffett.  They have six recording projects to their credit and another one in the works.


Their first release was in 1982, an album “Smooth Rockin’”, then a 45 RPM record on 5th Street Records, “Rock-A-Billy Babies” and “He’s Cool” and then a five song cassette produced by Garry Mac, “Life Goes On.”  Next the group moved on to make their first CD, “There Comes A Time: and had a release on MCA Record’s compilation CD, “Margaritaville Café” which sold over 100,000 copies.


What does the future look like for the group?


Dave said, “Our performance schedule for the summer of ’96 is completely booked up and we are really excited about working with Calf Creek Records on their latest recording project, “Club 15.”  They included our song “Heaven” on a compilation CD for distribution to radio stations and it is currently at number 47 on the chart of Airplay International Magazine.


CCMM readers owe it to themselves to make a special point to get out and hear this super group and purchase a copy of their latest recording.

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