Volume 18 No.1


“The Darn Stuff Grows On You”

By Marty


It’s not often that Margaritians consciously congregate.  Oh, we get out individually or run in small packs, but due to less-than-subtle threats and/or restraining orders, the full effect of the Key West labor force is rarely felt.  However, when Dave and the boys slide into the Fleming Street loading zone for their semi-annual appearance at the Margaritaville Café the whole damn payroll stays out late.


I lack the tools to dissect the musical ability of these Show Me State performers.  I’m at a loss to describe the talent, as well as the time and effort they put into recording and performing.  Yeah, Dave plays drums and Jimmy plays fuitar, but that’s like saying Wayne Gretsky plays hockey, or O.J. Simpson was a running back…OK, that’s not a good one, but you know what I mean.  If success is 90% perspiration, then these guys work up a powerful sweat.  The inspirational 10% comes in the guise of Jimmy’s insightful writing, Dave’s stand-up (literally) drum playing and the crucial contributions from Tim and T.J.


Try to stop your “keepin’ time” foot from pounding away when The Nace Brothers Band jams.  The music gets in your soul, lifts you off your seat and scoots you across the dance floor like a Chuck Berry duck walk.  While they do a few covers, The Bands’ Levon Helm is one of Dave’s heroes, their best stuff is home grown.  “Rock Bottom,” “Life Goes On,” or the old man’s “Midnight Train” are all favorites.  “Lose your dream, lose your mind.  Got to carry on, life goes on.”


The shoes fit fine fellas…you wear ‘em well.

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