the Nace Brothers band
Suicide Dawg
(lyrics by Jimmy Nace)

Shut down in the bottoms with a heavy load.
Suicide dawg in the middle of the road.
Confused misdirection of some wild stray sometimes I feel the same way.
Lockíem up before you stall, thanks but no thanks for the courtesy call.
Suicide dawg
Donít mess with his mind he just might do it.
Canít jump the fence heíll run right through it.
The last Sam we miss him a bunch.
He swiped a four wheel drive for one last crunch.
Down in the swamp on a log
Lookiní for clues in the haze and fog.
Suicide dawg.

   He lost a front fang to mamaís red slippers
   Kids took his tail with electric hedge clippers
   His whole life is one big mistake
   he ainít gonna get out of the way

He ainít ever gonna stop that runniní around
Try to stay cool, keep an eye on the ground.
That last dump truck missed him by an inch
Heís got more courage than heís got good sense.
Just donít know where we went wrong
~he ainít had no love since the neighborís been gone.
Sucide Dawg


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