the Nace Brothers band
It's Alright
(lyrics by Jimmy Nace)

So you think that youíre so bright and thatís the way you like your life,
thatís alright. Itís alright.
Say one thing and do another, you might find yourself runniní for cover.
 Itís alright.
I heard you talkiní your words were twisted. I saw you drinkiní double fisted.
Itís alright. Itís alright.
Lose the things you hold so dear sometimes the future is not so clear but
itís alright ~ Itís alright

   It all comes down to loveless fate
   Sometimes I want to leave this place
   But I donít know how to ever escape

Youíre not the only one under the sun whose made mistakes
but whatís done is done
and itís alright.
Itís alright.
So you donít like the life youíre liviní
You need a change then just get on with it.
Itís alright
Itís alright

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