The Kansas City Star

Tuesday, August 22, 1995


“New Nace”


It hasn’t been a bad summer for local r&b/country rockers the Nace Brothers.


The band, which features Dave Nace on drums and vocals and Jimmy Nace on guitar, chalked up its third consecutive Fourth of July gig at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville in Key West, Fla.  And it just released a new CD, “Club 15.”


“Two of the tracks we recorded here in Key West,” Dave said in a phone interview.  “Jimmy has a studio here, Shrimp Boat Sound.”


Local “Parrot-heads,” including the Nace Brothers, are in full swoon since the recent announcement of a Buffett concert at Sandstone on Sept. 30.


“When this CD came out we did a couple of shows for (Buffett), opening up for him in Denver and Phoenix,” Dave says.  The brothers’ ties to Buffett originated after they read about his opening the Key West club “and we sent him our PR kit.”


Their wildest Margaritaville experience?  “Two naked women dancing right her (in Key West),” says Jimmy.  “They were wearing fishnet dresses, but you could see everything.”

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