Pitch Weekly

Kansas City, Missouri

February 18, 1990


“Cool Sounds”


The Nace Brothers are reaching way down for some cool sounds of R&B, a little swamp-rock, hard R&R and some special touches all their own.  The results are a blend of spontaneity and original thoughts and expressions. 


I say this fully aware of their latest taped effort, Life Goes On, a self-released 5 song EP now available locally.  It’s a great effort that allows the specialties of each member to show through.  A gritty vocal, a weeping guitar riff, a steady rhythm section, and an overall effort that combines the old (their father is Johnny Nace, a well-respected player) and some new things.


The band, which has opened up for Jerry Jeff Walker, Commander Cody, the Rainmakers, the Guess Who, and Al Stewart, will be at Blayney’s on Wednesday, February 7.

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