the Nace Brothers band
Sista Please
(lyrics by Jimmy Nace)

Another lost soul on the road to shame
I ainít no Romeo I donít need the strain.
Cute little salt shaker out on a roll,
Pretty little baby maker out of control
And you still refuse to understand.
Sista please, take it like a man
~you went down swinginí; acted like a fool.
You miss the telephone ringiní out by the pool.
Too much schooliní t be a good ole boy
Now love is proviní itís a dangerous toy,
And someday you ~ you will see
Sista it never was meant to be.

But you donít have t worry
Everythingís alright
Donít be in too big a hurry
Love ainít far behind
Itís gonna catch up sometime.

Now the night is long and the bed is cold
And liviní alone can sure get old.
What you wouldnít give for one more chance
Itís no way to live ~ a girl in a trance.
You look to get even in wrong parts of town.
Sista please donít let Ďem drag you down.


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