The Note

Kansas City, Missouri

July 1991


“Live Reviews”

By Steve Wagner


Although the adjectives “real” and “genuine” are staring to bother me, when it comes to the Nace Bro’s band, I find myself using these descriptions as they were meant to be used. I recently caught Warrensburg’s finest and felt compelled to scream at the Westportains, “Hey, these guys are the real deal, the genuine article, so to speak!” But, not wanting to be mistaken for just another Westport street performer, I decided to do the right thing and give these cats the live review they deserve.


The Nace Bros. have long been one of the area’s best loved bands, and at the same time, one of the best kept secrets. How can this be? Well, they’re constantly improving, writing better songs, stretching musically and vocally. They’re true to their roots (rockabilly, blues, R&B, early rock ‘n’ roll). They’re not flashy (no spandex here). They’re funny, personable, and they make you want to dance. Tired of being squeegeed , I assume, they book themselves, so there are no agents telling them where or what to play. They’ve kept the same line-up for years and can play requests or originals all night. From wither a club owner’s or an audience’s perspectives, the Nacers do their job perfectly. That explains it.


The Nace Brothers, drummer Dave and guitarist Jim, along with brothers in arms Tim Williams on bass and Bart Colliver on keys, sent me and the rest of the Blayneys crowd to club music nirvana with their heartfelt originals and tasty covers. They debuted some tunes from their upcoming release (due in August), and the response was wonderful. The covers were a great mix of classics that kept the floor hopping all night: James Brown, Clapton, the Band, the Stones, the Doors, ect. Keeping very relaxed, they told jokes and anecdotes which gave the evening a very friendly feel. Two more things: the Nace vocal presence is always getting better. Dave and Jim really have a great two-part attack, and when Time and Bart pitch in, the band get a very full harmony. Also, Jim’s guitar work is really flying, very tasty; so if you’re a fan of blues guitar, keep your eyes and ears on James Nace.


The Nace Bros. is a band that has paid its dues, and continues to do so on a nightly basis. They are talented, dedicated and deserving of a bigger and better things award. Go see them at any of the venues they frequent and you’ll see that “real” and “genuine” are not just words when the Nace Bros. hit the stage.



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